Home away from home corner for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Dance Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Health Educators, Holistic Health Professionals, Women'sAdvocates, Passionate Guides, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, stay at home mum, Life Coaches, Nutritionists, and you! Women Who are fun-loving, proudly imperfect, radically authentic and dynamic goddess who adores the company of intelligent, spiritual, smart ambitious, and genuine ladies who are also looking for Personal growth and spiritual growth to impact their world, then you must join our Vunkuwa membership. It’ll be the best thing you do this year!

On a daily basis we. Advise and guide you how to Get Your Life in Excellent Shape, help you to re-energize your business goals and vision Get clear strategies for taking action and achieving your goals and vision. You also get a Direct access coaching from Carol once a month. You can also have the possibility to booking an extra slot if needed. 20% discount.As a member.

This is the beginning of a fruitful and exciting venture. you are Embarking on a journey that will unleash your inner strength r and satisfaction on your chosen journey. Welcome to Vunkuwa.

Individual Membership1 year/ £120.00

Coaching & Mentorship

  • We will help you explore your options and make sense of your challenges.
  • Get direct access coaching from Carol on the Skype twice per months.
  • For one year. Become a part of our leadership board.
    10% Discount on
  • Conference Ticket
  • Priority Gala Dinner Ticket
  • Mindfulness and inspiring breakfast gatherings
  • zour mindfulness regular events, workshop, and seminars
  • Exclusive Vunkuwa Member Offers
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Weekly Vunkuwa Consultation1 year/ £540.00

Vunkuwa Spa Consultancy

Your one-stop-solution for all your spa and wellness requirements. We offer assistance from the spa or holistic practice, the concept is conceived till the project is successfully launched.1We help you Get Your Life in Excellent Shape, 2.We help you Develop your vision and the concept.

3 We guide you in Developing at Least One or two Specializationspa treatment. 4 We guide you in Making a Commitment To Build Your Practice.you 5 also get private coaching. from Carol personally on Skype for one month, 6 We will help you identify Any Negative Attitude and Fears You Have

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One year business membership1 year/ £350.00

We guide you in Making a Commitment To Build Your Practice

    15% Discount on
  • Designing advertising, marketing, and promotion such as Designs Logos, posters, flyers, brochure, Website creation.
  • Customized Web Page image and 10,000 text characters on our website.
  • Event Listings and logo on our website and Newsletter to Direct traffic to your website.
  • Conference Ticket
  • Priority Gala Dinner Ticket
  • Mindfulness and inspiring breakfast gathering
  • Become a part of our leadership board.
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One Year International Member 1 year/ £1,500.00

we are passionate to explore & encourage individuals & communities to practically live in love and success, everyday; we guide and support you to achieve success in wellness business. we host seminars and events to distribute knowledge to empower.

    Our services include:
  • 1 Leading Innovation and Inspiring Creativity
  • 2 Developing Excellence in Innovation
  • 3 become a part of our Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring learn about our 5 Strategic Management & Implementation. We will be inviting speakers from different fields to share knowledge on teaching, wellness, leadership and mentorship.
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Individual Membership

1 year/ £120.00

Module Workshop

Individual Membership

1 year/ £120.00