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We offer the finest education programs and the creation of unique tailor-made concepts for small and larger projects in Spa and Wellness industry. The company started the Association to support holistic health practitioners and wellness professionals to leverage their talents and skills to grow profitable, sustainable businesses that make a difference in the health and lives of others. Our Association brings therapists, entrepreneurs, and experts together for awareness and growth.

On a daily basis we advise, guide and produce strategies to help you receive a greater return on your business investment; we also create lead generating designs for leaflets, advertising, brochures and point of sale; deliver cost-effective public relations to raise profiles; we develop hard-working websites for very affordable price we also help you appear on the social media campaigns to encourage engagement and more. Our platform entails a network for education information, collaboration, partnering, leadership, business support and consultation to members. It is the purpose of the association to promote you and to bring out the best out of its members through tailor-made guidance and mentorship.

• By working with us as your business coach or consultant, you'll...
• Increase confidence in your abilities as a business owner and professional.
• you "ll Clarify and re-energize your business goals and vision.
• you"ll Get clear strategies for taking action and achieving your goals and vision.
• Improve client attraction and retention.
• Increase your service and retail sales.
• Increase client bookings and (re)bookings.
• Increase business through marketing goals & plan.
• Allow you to have more fun at work (and away from it!)

While no business is ever completely and totally stress-free, by working with vunkuwa association on your business and marketing skills, confidence and strategies, you will begin to relax, take action and actually enjoy growing and running your business! You'll also have begun to have more time and energy for doing what you love at work and away from work. And of course, you'll be making more money!Vunkuwa Marketing association will (re)boost your business. our Coaching programs are designed to take you step-by-step through how to launch and grow your business while getting the support and accountability of private coaching. The programs include direct access to coaching from Carol personally on skype 4 times per month for 12 monthsThese programs and our support will hand you the fruits of your labour. We give you a clever positioning in the market, a strategy, branding, design and a solid blend of effective and regular marketing efforts and promotions to bring clients in. Learn the value of the marketing side of the business and live the life of your dreams. Ask us for more information on our coaching programs!

Business supports system Benefits

We guide you in Making a Commitment To BuildYour Practice.
How to great your business mission statement. 
How to describe your product.
How to become the master of your own time.
How to Brand your business
We guide you how to market online and Offline marketing
Assists with problem-solving
Improves self-confidence, to run your business smoothly
Become a part of our leadership board.
Access to Members’ Area

Exclusive Vunkuwa Business Member Offers

15 % discount on designing and advertising, marketing, and promotion such as Designs Logos, posters, flyers, brochure. Website creation and more. Customised Web Page one image and 10,000 text characters Event Listings and logo on our website and Newsletter to Direct traffic to your website.

10% Discounted on
Conference Ticket
Priority Gala Dinner Ticket
Mindfulness and inspiring breakfast gathering
Exclusive Vunkuwa Member Offers
Access to Members’ Area
You also get a Direct access to coaching from Carol once monthly a month.
You can also have the possibility to booking an extra slot if needed.
You get 20% discount as a member.

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