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Vunkuwa is a new name given to a therapy that existed from centuries ago. This therapy was always known as, tshidillo which means massage, although the therapy was much more than a massage.
In those days when a child was born, the first introduction for the child into the world was being massaged with a mix of herbs, drinking herbs and the stomach was massaged to bring out the first fluid to strengthen the child. The same method was used to the mother after giving birth to accelerate recovery and wellbeing.

Vunkuwa is still based on the same healing methods for Individual needs of health and balanced body; it is the eye through which ancient healing techniques are applied in a modern contemporary way. This African Massage, now called Vunkuwa, which means the flow of energy, was reborn in the mid-nineties and developed by Carol Mathebula, founder of Vunkuwa International Academy and the Association. This massage is inspired and developed from the techniques from Carol’s great-grandmother.

Carol realized her inner healing power at the age of ten when she used to treat her great- grandmother who taught her how to meditate and also taught her the essentials about the vitality of body, mind, and soul.