Vunkuwa Intensive Startup Programme Level 1

ten days Courses: consist of 4 - Module 1, 2, 3 & 4 (60 hours )
you can take it into two sessions

step 1

The first week you are inaugurated in the essential skills to become a Vunkuwa massage therapist. You learn the essentials of how to work and connect with your body and hands as a therapist, by understanding how your body movement and the rhythms work, your subtle non-verbal cues that often occur out of our own awareness. This can have a powerful impact on massage treatment. We will also look at how connected and relaxed you are. So you can be able to connect to your client and give the best massage treatment.

We continue by learning new sequences and movements of Vunkuwa African massage in combination with the breathing analyzation, structural bone awareness, and you will also learn about body colour shades that appear when the body is out of balance, which I call the language of stress in our body. Then we move on to the genealogy of your inner, outer body whisper, and sublime African massage techniques are extensively practised on the body and use real cases, as you will be learning how to provide a personalised treatment for each individual needs. You will be provided with three people every day, In total 15 people to study on. This allows you to understand the hidden language of stress in our body and how every individual need is different in achieving relaxation and optimum health. This means in Vunkuwa you will never treat each person the same.

step 2

Breathing analyzation

Begin the treatment by focusing on your customer breathing patterns to see them entering the state of relaxation long before you start your massage session; this takes about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. It is also very imported for you to also focus on your own breathing. For inner relaxation, It will help you faster in understanding your customer body, so it's easy for you to eliminate toxins and clear energy pathways, transfer positive and refreshed energy through the body. Connect with your client body by using your hands as your guide to search for body blockages and analyzing the different temperatures that your hand sensors of your customer and getting familiar with his or her surrounding body Inner whisper of imbalances by understanding and mastering, this two natural body Body Temperature.

step 3

Bone structural awareness.
Continue with body warm-up,

to analyze and study the deep-seated Bones and Muscles tension. Bones are the Secret Language of anxiety and stress. Muscles and bones work together in tandem meaning that the muscles attach to tendons and ligaments and the tendons and ligaments attach to bones. The muscles pull the bones, causing movement. The movements that the muscles make are ultimately controlled by the brain and nervous system.Your bones are your structural support. They are deep reservoirs storing the essential minerals calcium and phosphorus required for every organ, nerve, and muscle. Bone marrow, the liquid center of each bone, is the manufacturing site for red and white blood cells and therefore the source of your blood, the essence of your vitality. Every bone is a mini organ complete with skin, nerves, and a liquid center. You have 206 bones all in constant renovation; you receive a new skeleton every seven years Your skeleton responds to your stress levels, diet, your bodies’ needs for calcium and phosphorus, damage repair, hormones, your breath, and exercise. Your bones will reshape according to your movement and postural patterns. So in Vunkuwa you learn how to calming and relaxing this two major pads of the body.

step 4

Body Temperature

low body temperature can be dangerous An abnormally low body temperature (hypothermia) can be severe, even life-threatening. Low body temperature may occur from cold exposure, shock, alcohol, drug use, depression stress , or certain metabolic disorders, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. A low body temperature may also be present with an infection, particularly in newborns, older adults, or people who are frail. An overwhelming infection, such as sepsis, may also cause an abnormally low body temperature. So it is vital to know the body temperature of your client.

step 5

Color Shades

All life on earth depends on light from the Sun, the source of life and energy. Light is the masculine or positive force in nature; color is the feminine or negative effect. The color is defined as light moving at varying vibrational rates. The brain interprets these various light wave frequencies as color. Each major organ correlates bio-energetically to a particular color. Each color has intelligence and polarity, knows its functional role and works selectively. The color is a vibratory energy that can activate a particular organ, gland, and system in the body. Color can help to restore balance when a blockage or imbalance of this energy has resulted in stress or disease.

This color shades are critical in Vunkuwa African Massage. They work as your map pathways in understanding the depths of the imbalances in the body. These colors vary in shape and size. By understanding these colors, you get to understand individual needs of optimal health. Nobody talks about this color shades, but they say a lot about our bodies.Each color provokes a different sensation in humans. Some are perceived as cold, others as warm. Its sizes and color consistency are all tell-tale indicators of your lifestyle and well-being, ranging from what you’ve been eating and drinking lately to diseases you might not know you have.


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