fabulous! Wisdom and knowledge of Africa.

Simplicity, authentic & traditional


Vunkuwa academy Encompasses the gift of Africa.
Traditional African massage and natural therapies for body, mind. And soul. The beauty of Vunkuwa lies in its simplicity and practicality. This African natural therapy gives you the essence of well-being. We welcome you to peaceful serenity and tranquility of our daily experiences. Vunkuwa is born out of 10.000-year-old techniques of healing and natural medicine, instigated in Africa by its inhabitants.

A great diversity of healing methods were used, many of these practices were passed on from generations to generations, a deep-rooted tradition of natural therapy was nourished. Also, an abundant knowledge of plants and herbs was available. Carol Mathebula inherited this gift of touch from her great-grand- mother Today the Academy still, carries in its work this traditional way of working.