Vunkuwa African massage Master & teacher class
Program Level 3

This course is designed for massage therapy professionals who have passion for the industry and a desire to become vunkuwa effective massage therapy instructors, have the desire to enhance and improve their skills, or massage Therapist who aspire to offer vunkuwa traditional massage courses independently ,or may dream of someday opening their own wellness academy or beauty school If you’ve curiously wondered how to start your own beauty seminars, courses, workshop, conferences, you may be surprised to realize that it’s not an unattainable goal.

We help to make this dream a reality, you’ll need a desire to succeed, motivation and the right training. We focus on learning your strategies and theories, the teaching process, classroom activities, lesson planning, technology in the classroom, mindfulness and the learning process, assessments and marketing strategies.

Our Vunkuwa Teacher Program offers you not only the graduation as a Vunkuwa Master, but also we include a full support program. With Vunkuwa courses you expand your client database, not only for teaching, also for treatments. Carol Mathebula and her team will guide you through 4 sessions of Vunkuwa seminars and 2 module 1 & 2 courses until you feel comfortably

After these sessions, you will receive a graduation to perform your own courses and seminars. Carol will assist you with promoting and advertising material and your introduction to the market. please contact us For more information.