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Home away from home corner for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Dance Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Health Educators, Holistic Health Professionals, Women's Advocates, Passionate Guides, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, stay at home mum, Life Coaches, Nutritionists, and YOU! Women Who are fun-loving, proudly imperfect, radically authentic and dynamic goddess who adores the company of intelligent, spiritual, smart ambitious, and genuine ladies who are also looking for:

  • Exciting new challenges, in their lives?
  • Personal and spiritual growth,
  • improve yourself and your life.
  • work on your confidence
  • expand your vision
  • discover your power and talent within
  • Embrace your strength within.
  • OR- looking to expand your vision
Then this membership is something for you!

Your soul has chosen to be on this planet for a reason. Once you get back in touch with your spiritual self, your soul, you will find more clarity around your life purpose and career. Often it is limiting beliefs of the mind that hold us back from being able to hear our heart truly. Ultimate fulfillment comes only when we listen to our inner heart.

Vunkuwa will teach you how to clear your mind, find a still quiet space to hear the inner guidance of your heart so that you can become your own guide in your life to happiness, fulfillment and success you desire.

The purpose of Vunkuwa mentorship is to help you grow as a conscious human being. These includes guiding you to discover and accept your life purpose; inspiring you to feel more motivated, energized, and passionate with yourself.We help you explore your options and Make sense of your challenges. We guide you and examine your life path, put things into perspective, and look at the options available so that you can honor your inner longings and start living life in a more truthful and fulfilling way.

discover your power and talent within.


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