Here at Noble passion drives us.

We provide you with the most beautiful, ethically sourced jewellery. We value creativity and craftsmanship whilst giving you the most personal and noble service. We learned from our grandmothers. We believe in customer service; we’re Noble, through and through.

​ We’re passionate, innovative, can-do people, and we want to work hard for you. You deserve to understand what you’re buying, so we take the time to help you create your bespoke jewellery dream.




First, we really listen to what you want. We know how to explore creative boundaries to produce memorable, one-of-a-kind jewellery, without compromising on quality or budget.  

A consultation with us will be laid back, friendly and comfortable. We value relationships as much as jewellery.

  Your journey is about more than just going home with a pretty boxed-up trinket – we want you to enjoy your time with us. It’s really that simple. ​


Can’t get to us? We operate out of the charming city of Antwerp, but we can travel to you - wherever, whatever you need.

​ ​

“We prefer champagne to hard liquor and believe that pralines are best when it comes to chocolate”


Original collections of jewellery

Our Noble Collection and Pure Collection are both beautiful and unique, exactly like you. Write to us for more details.

Noble Collection

our most elegant, refined jewellery line. Lovingly crafted by hand, made by third generation jewellery craftsmen. Come see for yourself.


Pure Collection

shares the same values as Noble Collection, with an eye for detail and exquisite craftsmanship. The Pure Collection offers every day wear at affordable prices. This range makes gifting easy, or you can just go ahead and spoil yourself.

About me


We may be spending a lot of time together, so let's get to know each other a little bit.

Ilana is truly a global citizen; she can communicate with you in your choice of any one of the seven languages she's fluent in. As diverse as the countries she's called home, Ilana is laid back, yet driven, ambitious in her career as well as in her element when at home with her two boisterous boys. Her multicultural upbringing - is at the root of her rich global networking web and her rich family heritage in the diamond industry, makes her appreciate and recognise many different people, their tastes and buying processes.

Noble was essentially born out of Ilana's passion for all things that sparkle. With her genuine love of meeting new people and connecting across cultures (often creating long lasting relationships) - her talent lies in finding and keeping clients, hosting events and generating the Noble buzz.

Ilana has the soul of an entrepreneur and the stamina of a prizefighter. When she's not working, she can be found reading, eating the foods of the world and setting herself crazy exercise goals. A naturally happy personality, she enjoys chatting with her friends until dawn. Really, though, its her dogged determination and drive that really define her and make her so good at what she does. She thinks we should all dance and laugh a lot more (whilst wearing beautiful jewellery of course).


Want to see our jewellery? Call us to arrange a bespoke consultation or to view our collection.

We’ll be happy to talk. We love to meet new people. Ilana: +32 (0)497329403

If you would like to visit us let us show you around Antwerp, where we are based, the epicenter of diamonds and chocolate! Let's chat : or