​During my first trip to Africa in 2009, I spent several weeks in a remote village on Lake Malawi. I lived with the villagers in a mud hut without any electricity, running water or sanitation as we know it, and I loved it.

One day, I sat by the lake just watching the local villagers. I suddenly noticed that they were using fine grains of sand, that lined the shore of the lake, to rub all over their bodies to exfoliate and condition their skin. They then took natural rocks and stones to remove the hard skin from their feet and bathed in the lake, It was then I realised what I really wanted to do with my life. At that moment Thea Skincare was conceived.

So, on my return to the UK, I set about this long arduous journey to formulate a collection of high quality natural and organic skincare products and in late 2011, Thea Skincare was born. Read more


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Thea Skincare Luxury Spa Treatments

A range of unique high quality natural spa treatments for any spa, salon spa, hotel or day spa. Ihea offers a range of natural face and body indulgent spa treatments. Our treatments are designed to give a luxury spa experience at an affordable price. We can tailor our treatments to suit your needs and we can also design treatments to meet the specific needs of your spa or treatment room.

We also ensure that our treatments are high performance and well delivered through our excellent spa treatment training programme to ensure that your clients enjoy the best possible wellness experience at your spa or salon.

e-mail us at thea@theaskincare.com to find out about having these or your own Thea Skincare treatments in your spa.

This treatment is a deep, lifting and toning relaxing high performance facial therapy treatment. It is designed for mature skin types, and for those who want to address premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin, on the face, neck and around the eyes.

This high performance luxury anti-ageing facial treatment, utilises organic results-driven products and massage routine techniques, to lift, tone and rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck and around the eyes.

Real rejuvenation is visible with this facial’s professional massage system.  This treatment includes a specialist eye rejuvenating treatment to reduce fine lines, target wrinkles, and reduce sagging and dark circles under the eyes.

  • Age Revival Antioxidant face Cleanser
  • Age Revival Antioxidant Facial Toner
  • Age Revival Dream Cream Exfoliator (Gold Award Winner)
  • Age Revival Anti-Ageing Lift and Tone Steam Treatment Mask
  • Age Revival Face and Neck Massage Oil
  • Age Revival Hydration Face and Neck Mask
  • Age Revival Uplifting Lifting Face and Neck Serum
  • Age Revival Uplifting Face Cream
  • Age Revival Uplifting Eye Cream
  • Age Revival Purify & Renew Eye Serum

Revive and relax; this is a great treatment to totally transform your client’s body and mind. Turn away toxins and soothe away stress with this relaxing and de-stressing treatment that combines a deeply relaxing body exfoliation and a relaxing body massage treatment.

This treatment is perfect as a stand alone exfoliation treatment or as an extended luxury treatment with a massage or as a pre-treatment, before a mask or body wrap.

  • Lavender Foot Soak
  • Lavender Soufflé Body Scrub
  • Thea Luxury Spa Body Massage Oil
  • Thea Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend
  • Thea Lavender and Rose Body Lotion

Thea Purify and Detoxing Body Scrub & Deep Tissue Massage Treatment
Exfolitation Body Treatment 50 - 60 minutes
Exfoliation and Deep Tissue Body Massage 90 minutes

This detoxifying exfoliating treatment has been specially designed from natural  skin nurturers to balance skin. Tumeric, Mustard, Neem, Grapefruit and Jojoba essential oils, combine with sea salt to totally purify and enliven the body.

Our Purify and Detox treatment is especially effective on congested, acne prone, oily or blemished skin. This body exfoliation can be a stand alone treatment or combined with a deep tissue or lymphatic body massage treatment. It is a great treatment for men.

  • Fruit and Spice Purifying Body Scrub
  • Thea Luxury Spa Body Oil
  • Thea Deep Tissue Essential Oil Blend

Enhance a detoxing exfoliation treatment with a detox body massage with our luxury massage oil combined with our Revitalise Essential Oil Blend.

  • Thea Walnut and Chamomile Body Glow Polish
  • Thea Body Glow Massage Oil
  • Thea Revitalise Essential Oil Blend
  • Thea Vitamin Rich Body Cream

The ultimate indulgence, beautification by chocolate. Chocolate and cocoa contain nourishing nutrients with multiple skin-fixing benefits including increasing youthful elasticity, stretch mark and scar targeting.

A start-to-finish bundle taking you through a gorgeous chocolate body treatment your clients are bound to love. Our Chocolate spa therapy treatment offers the ultimate relaxing and body beautifying treatment.

It comes the powerful skin benefits of pure cocoa high slip massage butters such as our relaxing chocolate & orange massage body butter and our invigoration chocolate mint and Kukui body massage body butter for the ultimate chocolate treatment.

  • Chocolate Foot Soak
  • Chocolate Cocoa Body Scrub
  • Chocolate and Clay Face & Body Treatment Mask
  • Chocolate Cocoa Body Butter
  • Chocolate Orange Body Cream
  • Chocolate, Mint & Kukui Body Massage Cream

Thea African InSPArations Body Treatments
Exfoliation Body Treatment 50 - 60 minutes
African Hand or Foot Treatment Ritual 45 minutes
Exfoliation and Egyptian Body Massage 90 minutes

Unique to Thea, the luxury spa African inspired treatment offers you something new using traditional high performance natural and organic massage oils and products.

The amazing combination of African inspired ingredients such as Baobab, Pumpkin, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Grapeseed and Marula oils, are infused with centuries old skin enhancing essential oils such as Frankincense, Gingergrass, Neroli Myrrh and Geranium, to give a powerful collection of African inspired spa treatments.

Thea African spa products bring a little piece of Africa’s unspoilt natural skincare tradition to offer a unique range of treatments in your spa, such as our African Spa body exfoliation, African Spa hand and foot rituals and also our Egyptian style massages which can be combined with our luxury African body scrub treatments.

  • African InSPArations Tropical Hand, Foot & Body Scrub
  • African InSPArations Tropical Body Massage Oil
  • African InSPArations Tropical Massage Body Lotion
  • African InSPArations Body massage butter
  • African InSPArations Infusions Body Balm
  • African InSPArations Essential Oil Blend

This is the latest addition to our treatment family. Our new oriental inspired spa treatments, combine natural Asian skincare ingredients with traditional oriental essential oils, such as invigorating lemongrass and revitalising mandarin essentials oils, making this an exotic luxury treatment range.
Our luxury bamboo exfoliation treatment can be topped or tailed with an oriental style, Bali or Lomi Lomi massage using Thea’s Oriental Massage and essential oil blends.

  • Oriental InSPArations Bamboo Hand, Foot & Body Scrub
  • Oriental InSPArations Body Massage Oil
  • Oriental InSPArations Lemongrass & Mandarin Body Massage Body Lotion
  • Coconut and Lemongrass Hand and Foot Balm
  • Coconut and Mandarin Hand and Foot Balm
  • Oriental InSPArations Green Tea and Mango Body Butter
  • Oriental InSPArations Essential Oil Blend

A detox, firming and toning body care boost. This relaxing and reviving anti-cellulite treatment increases circulation, reduces fat, cleanses and refreshes. Exotic and luxurious ingredients intensively eradicate toxins and improve skin’s appearance.

This performance treatment uses coffee enriched spa products to detoxify and tone the body. The Indonesians have used coffee for skin tightening for many years. It is packed full of natural antioxidants and is a great ingredient for the treatment of cellulite areas of the body. Enhance a detoxing exfoliation treatment with a detox body massage with our luxury massage oil combined with our Cellulite Reducing Essential Oil Blend.

  • Thea Coffee Salt Soak
  • Thea Coffee & Shea Butter Body Scrub
  • Thea Coffee and Turbinado Sugar Salt Scrub
  • Thea Body Glow Massage Oil
  • Thea Cellulite Reducer Essential Oil Blend
  • Thea Ultimate Toning Body Cream
  • Thea Cellulite Body Butter

Thea Pregnancy Pamper Treatment
Treatment Time 90 minutes

Pregnancy is a very special time and involves a lot of changes to a woman’s body – not to mention the tiredness a woman can feel.
At Thea we have created a treatment specifically with expectant Mums in mind to relax, pamper and treat Mummy to be.

This 90 minute treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, this is followed by a calming foot massage to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy, the treatment is completed with a mini facial to treat the skin leaving it radiant and glowing.

  • Thea Skincare Facial products (skin type dependent)
  • Thea Lavender and Ylang Ylang Foot Soak
  • Thea Radiant Foot Scrub
  • Thea Olive and Rosemary Foot Butter
  • Thea Cooling Foot Spray
  • Thea Face and Body Sensitive Skin Massage Oil

A truly restorative wonder pamper treatment, that’s guaranteed to please all. Thea’s luxuriously natural essential oil blends are combine with a bespoke massage experience. The back, face and scalp are gently beautified and naturally refreshed.

This treatment includes a back exfoliation and massage for a soft skin and relaxed muscles. This is followed by a personalised facial using suitable Thea Skincare products. The treatment is rounded off with a hair and skin benefiting scalp massage.
Thea Skincare Treatment Products
Thea Organic Facial Products (suited to skin type/concern)
Oriental InSPArations Oil Blend
African InSPAratiosn Oil Blend
Thea Sensitive Skin Face & Body Massage Oil

Particularly designed for the back and ideal for every skin type. This stress-relieving treatment uses deep exfoliation, body brushing and pre-cleansing African oil treatment to stimulate circulation and cell renewal while relieving tension and pain.

Next is a luxurious warm aromatherapy massage with Thea Luxury Massage Oils infused with essential oils blends. This is followed by a warm seaweed & clay body mask infused with individually chosen essential oils.

The treatment includes a back exfoliation and massage for a soft skin and relaxed muscles. This is followed by a personalised facial using suitable Thea Skincare products. The treatment is rounded off with a hair a and skin benefiting scalp massage.

  • African InSPArations Oil Blend
  • African InSPArations Tropical Hand, Foot & Body Scrub
  • African InSPArations Tropical Body Massage Oil


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