Vunkuwa Accreditaion Certificate



A Specialty Certificate symbolizes advanced education and training in a particular modality or when working with a specific population—requirements both massage therapy leaders and healthcare organizations agree are necessary to:

    1. Further, elevate the standards of massage therapy

    2. Further, massage therapy’s role in integrative healthcare

    3. Provide therapists access to high-quality, advanced programs for specific modalities and populations

    4. Ensure clients receive the best possible care

The creation of Vunkuwa Specialty Certificate Program furthers its mission of defining and advancing standards by creating yet another career pathway for massage therapists. By partnering with major wellness organizations and holistic programs across the country, Specialty Certificates empower current and future massage therapists with the top-notch education and experience necessary to succeed in various environments or when working with specific populations. Vunkuwa s Specialty Certificate Program provides the credentials to prove such training, as well as continues to tier the profession—an evolution.
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