Vunkuwa® Education Program

  Educational objectives of the Vunkuwa® Education Program


1. We Assist students in mastering the Vunkuwa® techniques and the Vunkuwa® Concept to be able to apply and practice a fantastic traditional massage practice.

2. developing the sense of naturality, a unique spiritual approach of Vunkuwa®.

3. Help students in personal development &; awareness the Vunkuwa® way.

4. Learning students to balance the imbalances of the body by using Vunkuwa® Body energy force to create amazing results with clients.

5. To establish and maintain an open atmosphere of learning and discussion. Vunkuwa® course and seminars are inspiring, challenging and will give you a new perspective on massage therapy


Teachings are recognized by some of the biggest wellness centers in the world.  Carol has more than 19 years experience in teaching   students from all over the world.  South Africa, Europe, Arab states of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East


In the Vunkuwa® Education Program we work with different levels and modules, which are logical and systematically put together.


The essential building block is LEVEL 1 including 4 modules (module 1, 2, 3 & 4). Each module consists of 15 hours, in total 60 hours. A therapist can make every module as a separate unit, which is flexible-many students work and combine work with study-en it allows you to bring each module into practice after completing each module. It is essential and necessary for correctly applying what one has learnt to bring it into practice.
This system allows it. With every module you will enhance your skills and knowledge. After completing the first 4 modules you have completed the essential building block for Vunkuwa therapy.


From Module 5 to 8 (LEVEL 2) and module 9; 10 (LEVEL 3) you will build further on this cornerstone. The attention goes to more advanced technical skills. Level 1 offers you the understanding and the applying of the therapy. The advanced techniques come around the corner in the other modules, although the first modules have also already techniques included.

Last but not least you can become a Vunkuwa teacher. Here for you will pass the Masters Level and you have to complete the three required levels (Module 1 -10).
After master class there is still a vast program that can be taught. The program here will be tailor-made according to the standards of Vunkuwa International Academy.
Vunkuwa is an evolving education system, through practice the massage therapy grows and new modules will be added to the education program.




Module 1 & 2
Module 3 & 4


Module 5 &6
Module 7 &8


Module 9 &10

Master class (minimum requirement is 10 modules)
Certificates are given per level. Level 1 goes with a manual and DVD.

The trademark Vunkuwa®
Vunkuwa International Academy


6. Educational headlines of the Vunkuwa® Education Program

Client-therapist relationship:
Warm-up, analysis of the breathing, understanding the body structure & the bones combined with Vunkuwa® energizing will create the best results. This unique method will enhance your client relationships, the key for a successful massage therapist.

Unique Vunkuwa® African techniques and movements:
Vunkuwa International Academy

The massage with Vunkuwa® oil starts. In Vunkuwa Academy we work on the spiritual and physical level. The physical effect of a good Vunkuwa® massage has to be learned by using and learning the movements and techniques, traditional African.

Vunkuwa® body energy force:

In Vunkuwa® African Massage we work with our energy force, and we focus on the energy force of our clients. An essential connection has to be made via the physical to work out a balance and to bring silence and harmony in a person’s body, mind,
and soul. You learn different ways to work on the body and its energy force to bringn that harmony.

Introduction on African herbs and plants used in combination with Vunkuwa® African Massage:

African herbs and plants are an essential part for healing and bodywork. You will learn how to use them in combination with the massage.

Introduction on Vunkuwa® Philosophy:

Vunkuwa® is way of life. We will teach you principles that will never stop to help you in your life. Once you have learned the Vunkuwa approach and philosophy, you will be able to put it into practice in your own life and your massage practice.