Vunkuwa educational requirements


Educational Requirements of the Vunkuwa® Education Program
Our education program is open to everybody willing to learn these exceptional techniques. Motivation and willingness to learn are the key for determining Vunkuwa®. Experience with bodywork, healing, herbs and plants, holistic approach, anatomy and physiology will make it off course easier for you to step into Vunkuwa®, but you're attitude will make the difference!

Vunkuwa® African Massage is an intensive and powerful massage, and many techniques are to be learned. Nevertheless, the approach is holistic and the core to become a Vunkuwa therapist is to find your key to unlocking your potential as a therapist. This is your doorway to understanding and practice Vunkuwa. Carol Mathebula will guide you through this essential part or the quintessence of Vunkuwa®. After this and once you are acutely aware of the way Vunkuwa® works, the more technical, physical part will fit together with the way you work.

Carol Mathebula has extensive experience in teaching professionals and non- professionals. She has taught Vunkuwa® in different places all over the world. She is a certified Traditional Health Practitioner, member of the South African Traditional Health Practitioners, Herbalist and Spiritual Healers Association. Her ways of Vunkuwa International Academy
Her teaching is recognized by some of the biggest wellness centers in the world.

Once you have passed a minimum of 30 hours (Module 1 & 2), you can use the name Vunkuwa® to advertise the massage technique which will be available in your practice. You have in other words a limited right of use of the name Vunkuwa® Which is owned by Vunkuwa International Academy? It is not allowed to use the name Vunkuwa® for products (oils, etc…) or for the advertising of courses. To teach you to need to achieve the necessary hours of training at the Vunkuwa International Academy and you need to be appointed by Vunkuwa International Academy.