International Members

Leadership and Mentorship.

This membership means becoming an ambassador for Vunkuwa. You will be a hosting Vunkuwa workshops, seminars, courses, leadership and mentorship discussions and conferences. We organize these sessions with you and your institute. We work together on promotion and organization. Include branding, marketing, strategy, operational support, and education support.

Through this membership, we transfer the foundation of excellence to you, which will enable your business to flourish. We guide you through every step in designing a business model of your wellness academy. We aim to guide and support you to achieve success in wellness business and to help you hold seminars, workshops, and events. To distribute knowledge throughout out the wellness industry. Our services include: Leading Innovation and Inspiring Creativity

  • Developing Collaboration with other international wellness associations.
  • We organize Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring seminars and events.
  • Strategic Management and Implementation. This membership is suitable for everyone who wants to join our leadership board. Especially for wellness trainers who want to teach their Wellness Education Program through Vunkwua International Academy.

We are also inviting speakers from different fields to share knowledge on teaching, wellness, leadership, business and much more. There is an ocean of knowledge out there and through our seminars we wish to bring a stream of that ocean to any mind that has a thirst for it. Business persons and professionals who have managed to achieve their goals will share their stories to inspire and guide you at our seminars.

If you would like to apply to be featured speaker at Vunkuwa Association or other affiliated events, do let us know the “theme” and what topics your attendees are particularly interested in. Please send any additional information, including biography our picture and list of presentations, including titles, and locations you have participated in over the last year to

If you or your organization are looking for someone to speak at your event, please email us at

If you would like more information about Carol Mathebula or would like to schedule her to speak at your event, please send us an email to


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