• Become one with the depths of your being

    Take a journey of Self-discovery.

    Be the change of your own destiny.

    Move forward in finding and fulfilling your goals and your purpose in life…

  • Enhance your creativity by getting involved

    Face your fears

    – Embrace Change
    – Stand up for your life.
    – Develop true courage.
    – Define your purpose passions,
    and strength.
    – Invoke knowing perception
    and embodied action.
    – Cultivate a courageous and healthy
    approach to your next steps.
    – Add to all of that the opening up
    of the “fun factor” in your life!

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    Come Renew, revitalize and refresh

    These two days workshop will include combination of different therapies such as:

    Breathing & Meditation, yoga
    Rejuvenating classes
    “for self Empowerment
    Energetic Body Work,
    Storytelling and
    African dance
    gala dinner
    and goody bags

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    11:00– 11:40 – Breathing & Meditation
    11:40 –12:00 – Mid-morning Break.
    12:00– 13:00 – Emotional Freedom Technique
    13:00– 14:00 – Lunch
    14:00– 15:00 – Yoga
    15:00– 15:30 – Mid-afternoon Tea Break
    15:30– 16:30 – Storytelling
    17:00 – 17:30 – Networking
    - then we go home.

    Vunkuwa mindfulness events are your home away from home.Here you can relax, calm down, refocus as you find time to go within and find the power to change. We hope you revitalize and heal your body, your mind and your purpose to live. Become the awesome being you were created to be. Register today and receive your second-day program.

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