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As Salon Spa owners, we change lives. We take people that are stressed and make them look and feel better. We give them Joy~! It’s truly a beautiful thing. But since we’re experts at changing peoples’ lives, we’re often Not experts when it comes to business items. We experiment (trial and error) with how to set up our systems, what to buy, how to hire, how to pay/compensate staff, how to market ourselves and find new clients (hoping we get it right sooner or later).

Firstly is essential to Taking time in preparing and planning as you grow and build your private practice this will help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. We assist you in Getting Your Life in Excellent Shape, emotional support By tackling most of your emotional fears and blockages.As a massage therapist in private practice, it is quite likely that you did not choose your profession because you wanted to be a business person. As a result, it can be challenging to go into business for yourself and be successful.​

We help you Develop a vision and the concept, for Your Spa and Massage Practice. Vunkuwa specializes in guiding you to create your signature touch.

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We will guide you in Making a Commitment To Build Your Practice Typically it can take anywhere from 1-3+ years to develop a full practice. Exactly how long will depend on several factors including the size of your current network, how effectively you market, the demand for your area of expertise, and how much time you spend developing your practice. Make a commitment to take action steps on a regular basis.

We will help you identify Any Negative Attitudes and Fears You Have About Marketing Many Massage Therapist and Holistic healing professionals are uncomfortable with the marketing aspect of being in private practice. They see their role as to be there for others and not to promote themselves. Our repeated exposure to harmful and manipulative types of marketing further contributes to the belief that marketing ourselves is somehow inappropriate. Any negative attitudes and fears you have about marketing a practice need to be eliminated.

We will help Develop a Marketing Plan

To market your massage practice successfully, you must have an integrated marketing plan. One of the most common mistakes helping and healing professionals make is trying a few methods of marketing your practice haphazardly, and when the results are not immediate, they erroneously assume the techniques don't work. Flourishing massage practices are frequently built upon some marketing strategies that work together over time. To market effectively you must make yourself repeatedly visible to potential clients and referral sources so that they get to know and trust you.

We guide you to focus mainly on Education-Based Marketing.

Education-Based Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and credibility using educational messages. It is the direct opposite of traditional marketing, which uses selling-based messages. People are tired of hearing worn-out, old sales pitches. Barriers shoot up the moment you begin delivering a sales pitch. In contrast, people sit up and listen when you share relevant facts and expert information that help them make a right buying decision.Treat yourself to one of our innovative body massage treatment or you can also say Come and visit us for one of our specialized massage treatments and enjoy a relaxing massage.


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